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About MOSA

by students for students

The MOSA Conference is an international conference organised by students, for students on the general theme of (bio)medical sciences. The conference is held every year in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Nowadays, MOSA Conference is the fruit of the collaboration between Maastricht University (the Netherlands) and the University of Hasselt (Belgium), in cooperation with Maastricht University Medical Centre.

Founded in 1996 as Maastricht Medical Students Research Conference (MMSRC), it was one of the first conferences entirely organised by students. The conference gave the opportunity to students to present their own research to their peers but also to scientists and companies. The name MOSA Conference was used for the first time in 2012, after the fusion between MMSRC and the Clinical Investigator Science Symposium (CISS). However, the growth did not stop during the last decade. MOSA started a collaboration with the master program in Biomedical Sciences from Maastricht University (2016), along with a collaboration from the Belgian part of the transnational University Limburg (tUL), the University of Hasselt.

The MOSA Conference offers students a platform to present their (bio)medical research to a professional jury consisting of doctors and scientists, other students and companies of the (bio)medical field. Moreover, the general public can attend the conference to listen to the different participants. However, the MOSA Conference is not only about presenting ideas; each participant can also benefit from workshops and lectures given by specialists in the annual theme. For example, people attending the conference in June 2023 will have the opportunity to meet experts in personalised medicine. These various activities enable students to get more insight into their prospective career (e.g. academia, industry), but also help them to develop their own network with students and experts. Over the years, the MOSA Conference has seen amazing speakers on its stage and 2024 will not be an exception!

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