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Picture contest

Have you taken an exciting microscopy or scientific picture? Created a really nice scientific figure? Can't wait to show the world? Now is your chance! MOSA Conference is excited to announce a call for picture contest participants!


Participate by sending the picture to with the subject “Submission for picture contest” until the 21st of June 23:59 CET. In addition to the picture itself, please write a 1-2 sentence description of your creation, it can be either informative or creative, the choice is yours!


Picture contest winners will be determined by an audience vote and will receive a small prize. Whether you are a passive or active participant, everyone is welcome to submit!

Practical information

We would like to ask that you print the picture and its description in an A4 format to hang up during the conference days so everyone could appreciate them when walking by.


Please note that the pictures will be displayed on a big screen in the auditorium as well as in the voting form, so make sure that they are of good enough quality for everyone to appreciate their beauty.

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