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All you need to know about our exciting workshops during the event!

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From lab to likes:
Science communication on social media

Have you ever dreamed of sharing your love for science with the world through social media? Learn how to transform complex scientific concepts into engaging content that's perfect for various social media platforms!

From crafting catchy posts to building your online presence, we'll equip you with the skills you need to stand out in the digital crowd. Plus, we will dive into group activities where you'll brainstorm social media strategies for hypothetical projects and get feedback from your peers. Get ready to unleash your inner science communicator and make a splash online! Don't miss out on this opportunity to turn your passion for science into social media gold.

Connected healthcare and next-gen medical devices

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By Daniel Garcia

Embark on a journey into the future of healthcare with our workshop on connected healthcare and next-gen medical devices, brought to you by dsm-firmenich, one of the largest innovation and creation companies in nutrition, health, and beauty.


During this workshop, we will dive deep into the realm of innovation as we explore the intersection of technology and healthcare. Discover the potential of connected healthcare systems and the evolution of medical devices through engaging presentations and interactive activities led by experts from dsm-firmenich. Get hands-on experience with prototyping and delve into discussions about the design of cutting-edge medical technology. Stay tuned for exclusive insights into the future of connected healthcare from industry leaders. Join us and be prepared to shape the future of healthcare!

Unlocking the power of advanced microscopy

Unlocking the power of advanced microscopy 1.jpg
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By Timo Rademakers

Are you curious about the possibilities of state-of-the-art microscopy in modern research and eager to explore the depths of cellular imaging and analysis? Join us for an interactive workshop where we'll unravel the mysteries of advanced microscopy.


During this workshop, we will start with a short introduction to higher content microscopy, ranging from histology scanners to complex automated acquisition protocols. This will be followed by a hands-on experience using QuPath, in which we will cover topics such as tissue classification and cell detection in 2D (histological) data sets. Finally, we will end with a short showcase of more complex analysis pipelines for 3D/4D imaging.

Redefining biomedicine through AI structural biology

AlphaFold 2.jpeg

By Paulyna Magaña

Navigating the complex world of structural biology has taken an exciting turn with AlphaFold. This AI breakthrough by Google DeepMind isn't just about predicting protein structures with incredible accuracy, it's about opening doors to new discoveries in biomedicine. It's transforming the way we approach medical research, from speeding up drug development to getting a better grasp on protein evolution.


In the workshop, we'll dive into how AlphaFold is reshaping biomedicine. We'll look at real-world examples where it's making a difference, highlighting its role in the fast-paced world of medical breakthroughs. The workshop will showcase AlphaFold as a technical achievement, but also as a beacon for future medical research, highlighting its potential to redefine the boundaries of biomedicine.

Artificial intelligence for drug discovery

Artificial intelligence for drug discovery 1.jpg
Artificial intelligence for drug discovery 2.png

By Caitlin Mellor

Ever wondered how artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping drug discovery? Curious about its real-world applications and potential future implications? Join us for an engaging workshop that delves into the fascinating intersection of AI and drug discovery.


This workshop offers a holistic overview of the current uses of AI in drug discovery, drawing on real-world data and examples to demonstrate the power AI yields in this field. Moreover, in this workshop, we will explore the future of the field, considering the pitfalls and potential limitations of AI in drug discovery and how these ultimately translate to patients.

Clinical data harmonization and machine modeling

Clinical Data Harmonization 1.jpg
Clinical Data Hormonization 2.jpg

By Shervin Mehryar

In today's healthcare landscape, AI tools are becoming indispensable, influencing the decisions made by healthcare providers in clinical settings.

This workshop allows participants to explore the tools used by data scientists to investigate real-life clinical data sets together in small groups, in addition to offering a unique outlook on the AI tools used for clinical modeling and harmonized clinical decision-making. Moreover, the interactivity of the session allows the students to be part of the optimization and personalization process for real-life clinical decisions, ensuring a hands-on learning experience that bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Blender: next-level visualization of science

Blender 1.jpg
Blender 2.jpg

By Stefan Giselbrecht

Creating good quality figures for your written work and presentations is important: they make your complex concepts and data easier to understand for everyone. Plus, they make your work look solid and can boost the representation of your results. Blender is an open-source 3D creation program ideal for generating scientific figures and animations.

During this workshop, participants will gain proficiency in Blender's interface, learn to utilize its key functions for 3D visualization, and explore advanced tools for textures and animations, empowering them to craft compelling scientific representations effectively.

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