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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Answers to your questions about the congress

Does the research I want to present need to fit the theme of the conference (Big Data and Artificial Intelligence)?

No, the research you want to present is not obligated to fit the theme of our conference (Big Data and Artificial Intelligence). However, your work must cover a topic related to (bio)medical sciences in general.

When I send in my abstract, will I be selected for a poster or oral presentation?

When applying your abstract, you have to indicate in the email whether you want to present your work in the form of a poster or an oral presentation. If you indicate no preference, we will submit your application as an oral presentation candidate for the jury. Both presenting a poster and doing an oral presentation is not allowed.

Are international students (outside The Netherlands and Belgium) allowed to present their work?

Yes, everyone is allowed to present their work at our conference, as long as it aligns with the general theme of (bio)medical sciences. We welcome contributions from international students and researchers, regardless of their nationality or country of origin.

Do you arrange visas for non-European visitors?

No, we do not arrange visas for non-European visitors. It is the responsibility of each attendee to obtain the necessary visa to travel to the conference. We recommend that attendees check the visa requirements for their specific nationality and make appropriate arrangements well in advance of the conference date. For assistance with visa application procedures, we advise contacting the nearest consulate or embassy of the Netherlands or the Schengen Area. Please note that we do not provide invitation letters for visa application purposes.

I graduated before the date of the conference. Can I still present my research at your conference?

Our conference is targeted at students. However, if you graduate in 2024, you are still allowed to present your research as long as it is generated during your studies and hasn’t been published. If you do not meet these criteria, you can still participate as a passive participant. As a passive participant, you have access to the full program of keynote speaker lectures, workshops, panel discussions as well as the oral and poster sessions where young researchers present their work.

If I don’t want to present my work, do I need to pay a ticket to attend the conference?

Yes, both active and passive participants need to buy a ticket to attend the conference. Check out the prices for passive participation here and the prices for active participation here.

Will active participants receive a certificate of presentation?

Yes, active participants will receive a certificate of presentation following the conclusion of the conference. Additionally, we will be recognizing outstanding contributions through our poster and oral sessions, with prizes awarded to the winners.

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